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Why people don’t believe…

Now, I know you expect a religious preaching, but I’m actually sitting with a more convenient topic on mind.

-Why people have such a God damn hard time believing in unicorns and mermaids. Etc. (not leaving dragons out)

So the thing is, a unicorn is just a fucking horse. Why is it a big deal to believe in these majestic creatures? Why can’t ya’ll just accept them? Is it the horn?

How would you feel if I didn’t acknowledge your existence because of your enormous forehead for instance?

What is it that makes your reality better than mine?

Let me explain how stupid you actually are.

90% of the seven billion people on this planet haven’t actually seen the other galaxies through a telescope.

Still, all of you bitches believe that other galaxies exist, because some random Doctor Sheldon Cooper says so.

It’s so easy for plain Jane’s and John’s to believe shit as long as the sentence goes like this: “Resent research of The Institute for Quantitative Social Science at Harvard shows… that monkeys have a third eye hidden in their butts,”

I mean COME ON people. The brain is meant to be used. Don’t believe in everything you read (except for this)

Think for yourselves.

As a fiction writer I have to stand up for what I believe in – the hidden creatures.

I refuse to believe that someone just thought. Hay, Imma put a horn and some wings on a horse and call it a unicorn OR Imma give this dinosaur some wings and claws n call it a dragon.

The list goes on and on people.

The people who told these fairytales for the very first time had sources. Though there was no Google record back then. but I bet a life or two was lost to the Loch Ness and Dracula for those stories to come to life.