perspective, thoughts


For this theory you have to put away your conservative pair of eyes, and be as objective as possible. Just like a ghost, I need you to stop feeling, thinking, and instead only observe from a birds eye.

So here is the thought…

In most heterosexual relationships (not all), the girl likes to:

  • Have the chair pulled out for her.
  • Sit on her boyfriend’s lap.
  • Put her head on his chest.
  • Be kissed on the forehead.
  • Be tucked in, curled up and held around.
  • Have her heavy bags carried by him. (Not because we are incapable to do so ourselves)


Just like a little girl! Yes, many of us act like little girls. Not many will admit it, but we appreciate being treated like princesses. You can call it manners, you can call them gentlemen, and you can even say it’s a sign of love, but in the end, it’s a one way street.

We rarely kiss their foreheads. They NEVER sit on our laps, and we never treat them like babies. That’s unattractive, remember?! The little-boy-act rarely works for a woman – almost never. But the little-girl-act works for a lot of men.

So the real question is…

How can we blame them?

The ones who become monsters, the ones we are most terrified of. The men who are attracted to little girls…

After all, we put the seed in their brains, WE made it attractive. Some men chose to take it to the next level.

Of course I am against any kind of sexual interference with kids. But I can’t help but wonder if I’m doing something wrong by sitting on his lap, and holding his finger instead of his whole hand.

Maybe it triggers something deep down in some men.

****Try not to throw up on me****