The Gift Of Giving

What’s the right thing to do; giving a gift you can be proud of, something you would love to receive yourself. Or giving something the person would appreciate, even though you might not be fond of it? The answer is pretty straight forward, and still everyone does the opposite.

But let’s put some personality into the equation…

You are a person with a fair sense of style, and people know that you don’t buy your leather jackets from the vegan faux department in H&M.

Your friend on the other hand, is different. Her taste is something you would call clown couture; the fluffy dress with rhinestone details and a Michael Kors bag that screams Instagram hoe.

She is a sweetheart and you love her, but you’d rather die than buy her that flashy pink bag she liked. Ain’t dat right?

So karma hits you and these bitches come back giving you the Marc Jacobs version of a vase as a housewarming present. Bitch do I look basic????

Let’s get into it people.