The Charade

We’re talking politics, or at least the table I’m sitting at they be talkin’ politics and ask why I don’t engage.
Don’t I watch the news?
What kind of a person am I?
Don’t I want to know what’s going on in our world?
They speak louder and louder…
No, I don’t fucking watch the news because there is more to the world than people dying in Brussels and Paris of “Muslim bombings”.
No, I don’t care if Donald or Hillary wins because they are not running the show. It’s a masquerade and ya’ll are freaking out for no reason.
If the best Barack could do, was to lift the Cuban cigar ban, and force Obama care on people with better insurances; then there is nothing Donald can do. At least now you know your neighbors.

If a black president couldn’t stop the hate crimes, the rednecks from killing innocent black people, then Donald can’t build a fucking wall.
America is playing Monopoly with the world; paying troops to kill Muslims and then call them Muslim terrorists. But!!! American is so great that they help the world fight isis. Dear Jesus what would we do without em.
People are still dying in the Middle East BECAUSE of America. For decades, they have been paying folks to kill here and there; every other year they blame someone new.
It’s all a big game.
So let me be.
Let me wear my tinfoil hat and believe the opposite.